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Our healthcare providers are well read and experts in treating the health challenges you may be facing.

Our Vision

The vision of Ariba Healthcare Group is to keep healthcare affordable, even for those without healthcare coverage.

Our Mission

Ariba has the mission to keep you happy and healthy by providing the care you need in every situation or challenge.

About Ariba Healthcare Group

Ariba Healthcare Group is one of the major healthcare delivery providers in California and across the United States. We offer comprehensive healthcare services to everyone and anyone.

Dr. Tariq Mirza founded Ariba Healthcare Group on two unique values:

  1. ANYONE AND EVERYONE deserves good access to Quality Healthcare Services.
  2. COMPREHENSIVE HEALTHCARE is more than just addressing critical needs; it entails preventive care and education, which are keys to a long healthy life.

These values motivate us to provide good workers compensation for the people who provide the healthcare, and quality care for the people who pay for the care.

With a firm belief that everyone deserves healthcare regardless of occupation, insurance, or status, Ariba Healthcare Group brings together a wide range of experience and skill for a comprehensive approach to medicine. From workers compensation and rehabilitation to weight loss and preventative medicine programs, Ariba features both modern medicine and holistic approaches for the absolute best in healthcare services – all made affordable and accessible.

Our Motto

ANYONE AND EVERYONE deserves good access to Quality Healthcare Services. If you desire to have professional and quality healthcare services available at your disposal, then choose Ariba Healthcare Group today. We invite you to visit us and experience healthcare services at its peak.

— Dr. Tariq Mirza